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Grume (Reissue)

by Haemorrhage

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Mutilated body parts autopsied human pieces Portions of sectioned bowels full of fetid feces Septic wastes from the morgue must be eliminated Piles of putrefying remains will be incinerated ... Corpses on fire ...Sick funeral pyre ...Crematory fumes ...Blackened remains Rectal gases deflegrate causing little explosions Rotten innards melt away internal combustion Smouldering sebaceous cysts calding pulped brain Evaporating corporal fluids turned into methane ... Corpses on fire ...Sick funeral pyre ...Crematory fumes ...Blackened remains Blazing eye-sockets lungs fume away Roasted organs your heart is aflame Boiling testicles fused membranes Crepitating ashes of carbonized remains.
Suctioning out the faecal detritus Absorbing coproemetic grumes Picking up excremental samples Bear the fetor of rectal fumes Fragments of alimentary matter Contained in the yellowish sludge Survivors of digestive process Devoured by intestinal grubs ...Qualmish faecal feast Excrement, xysma and rotted offals Haemorrhage from the eroded rectal wall GRUMEEE!... GRUMEE!!... GRUMEEEE!!!... GRUME!
Acute peritonitis in acrid purulence Volatile gases expand as tissues efferscence Bile-encrusted innards rupture and prolapse Congested by flatulence... Pneumo-gastric collapse Expulsive disembowelment Cascade of guts and gore Peritoneum bursts open... Abdominal disgorge!!! Stomach explodes ejecting blood and chyme Gushing gastric juices gurgling faecal slime Raging eventeration visceral mass comesforth Extruded entrails splat upon the floor.
Early at mourning I go to the morgue I have my breakfast on a dismembered corpse Dissecting its organs whistling as I work Beholding my carnage, I delight on gore I love my profession as mortuary technician So funny, macabre and sick I am alone when my workdays ends Corpses are my only friends Cemetery at midnight is my favourite place Disturbing the quietus I break open the grave Digging up the coffin, grabbin knife and fork Smell the putrefaction... I feast on the rot Nocturnal party of greedy necrophagia Carving out putrid remains Ingesting toxines from rotting exudate I'm addicted to ptomaine Extracting rancid fats Used as sauce for raw guts Decrepit dinner is served I'm hungry for maggoty flesh Festered offals garnished with gall Gastronomic funeral Delicious taste of dead Gnawned bones is all that left Dissect... Exhume... Devour... Vomit!!!!!!!
The purulent epitaph sulpted in neoplasm Sores of the cadaver carved without qualm Multicystic innards suppurate Putrefaction makes your stinky fate Premature facial necrosis Mortified scarfskin Carneous tumoral excrescence Putrescent necromorphism!!!!!!!!! The tongue disapears In a corrosive secretion Brain fermentation juice Cause the eyes obliteration Vomit your last fluids In a post-mortem effort But trachea is choked With pulped cancerous guts Decomposing emantions A cold bile foaming stream Extensive ulcers and chancres Putrescent necromorphism!!!!!!!!! The necrotrophic cycle has begun For this flesh pale and numb Paradise of paradites maggots'joy The carrion formations will be destroyed.
Limb by limb... Cyst by cyst... Vein by vein Intestines... Rotting tumours... Flesh to grind Nerve by nerve... Piece by piece... Eye by eye Mutilation... Self digestion... Suicide!!!! Decrepit gastric waste... Acrid fluids... Vomit bile... Vomit pus... Gargling mass of red GRUME... Masticated cartilage... Carneous pulp Effervescence... Feel the warmth... Feel the impulse As your stomach is convulsed... Repulsions for your own flesh Inverted digestion... Evecuation Reinvolution Necroemetic GRUME!!!!!!!
Decom-posers 02:53
Six feet down rot sets in Putrefactive bacteria (Grows) under the marbled skin Acid liqid liquids and enzimes are released Self maceration by stale corpse fluids Deteriorated corpse... by necrosis Rebellious mass of grubs... Decom-poser!!!! Swarming maggots-spoiling the dead Hungry insects worm-eaten brain Molten innards-fermented juices Rancid carrion-munched into pulp Sarco-blasters, larval plague Maggots buzzing into the grave Ashes to ashes, flesh to dust Cadaver's turned into a pile of grubs!!!! Deteriorated corpse... by necrosis Rebellious mass of grubs... Decom-poser!!!!
Desecrating - digging up th grave I search in the coffins for my loathsome preys Recollections of a macabre work Fragments of the corpses in my private morgue Eviscerating - innards I remove Then I excavate to te gastric core Expurgation, I dissect with care Strict exploitation I excise just the rare Amputations of limp extremities Extremities as formal the hyde wash the cavities My bistoury carves putrefacted remains Separating muscles, nerves and veins Embalming liquids isolate the dead tissues Cauterizing enzymatic issues Scouring piece by piece... Aseptic and clean Suturing limb by limb... Artistic and obscene Bizarre muzeum of sick anatomy Patulous cadavers exhibited just for me Sordid collection of collection of abducted body parts Deformed foetus floating into jars Scouring piece by piece... Aseptic and clean Suturing limb by limb... Artistic and obscene.
Macerating in cellular reject Toxic liquids are deadly retained Incrustation of crescent nephrite poisoned cruor urocemic fomite Nephrosis... In nephrotic blue... The color... Of my dead tissues Strangulation of renal conducts Pungent vomit of hepatic fluids Intoxicated by cirrhoetic foam Subit spasm my liver I disgorge Rigor mortis muscles stiff Now my urine starts to flow free...
Ectopic Eye 00:42
Embryonic lesions deformed my face Eye-socket is empty but my vision remains Repulsive images I can see with it Pathological scenes from an internal trip Where is my eye? My ectopic eye? Where is my eye? My ectopic eye? Distorted colors of my anatomy Could it be occulted into a cavity? Excrete and seeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vile faecal decline across the festered anal tract Intestine necroses, anus turns sticky and black Innards rupture by the efforts of defecation Vagina fissure a fine way to evacuation Menstrual blood, pus and shit, hot dejection Sickkkkkk!!!! Sickkkkkk!!!! Sickkkkkk!!!! Feculent sludge boils in genital decay Excretion implodes as the gases fume away Curdled mucolithic mass... Rectovaginal prollapse!!! Rotting ovaries fall apart... Begin expulsed as you fart Maggots drown in suppuration... menorrhoetic emanations Nauseating intercourse... copulation causes disgust!!!! Perforated... Fistulated...!!!
Formaldehyde 02:18
Bloodstained hands Bloodstained walls Dissecting is funnyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! I can't stop my addiction to rot Narcotic effluviumssss!!!!!!!!!! Injecting... Injecting - bursting my veins Injecting... Injecting - organicide Injecting... Injecting - sick and insane Injecting... Injecting - formaldehyde!!! Psychotic image, frenetic carnage Splattered memberssssssss!!!! Parts of the corpses in transparent tombs Floating foreverrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! Burning stench of death!!!! Formaldehyde!!!!
For many years I worked in the morgue Human body has no secrets I'm the explorer of the rotting flesh And perversions without limits Far beyond!!!!!!! Pathology!!!!!! Fanatic expert on anatomy My dissecting are the sickest An artistic way of necrology Mutilation and defilement Inserting the trachea in the anal tract Symmetric escissions cut you in a half Forced to deformity, members I hack Excavate the craneal crypt to entomb the heart Quartering my last grotesque masterpiece Then I suture it with love The macabre god of mortuary art Now, my creation is blessed in rot Far beyond!!!!!!! Pathology!!!!!!


The undisputed leaders of The Second Generation of Goregrind, Haemorrhage took the influence of genre founders Carcass and took it to unparalleled levels of sickness. 'Grume,' the Spanish band's second full-length, was a revelation of revulsion when it was released in 1997; a cacophony of twisted riffs, blast beats and gargled vocals that still holds up over a decade after its release.


released February 23, 2010

Relapse Records


all rights reserved



Haemorrhage Spain

Influenced by the rising grind/death metal scene of the late 80s, Luisma and Jose had the idea of forming a band in 1990 that would eventually become HAEMORRHAGE. Almost 20 years and thousands of dissections later, HAEMORRHAGE continue to bring their unique blend of goregrind to mortuaries and mausoleums everywhere.

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